I want it!

Nicolás Conte

8' | 2014 | Argentina

O.V. No dialogues

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In his usual way back from school Juancito, a solitary country boy from Patagonia, meets a little horse which seems to be abandoned. The joy of having a new and wonderful friend to play with makes the boy think he can keep it. He cannot realize that the horse is actually waiting for the return of his real owner.

Technical info

Original title: Yo te quiero!

Director: Nicolás Conte

Duration: 8'

Year of production: 2014

Category: Animation , Short Film

Distributor: ShortsFit Distribución

Nationality: Argentina

Production: Tulum

Language of dialogues: No dialogues

Movie Rating: Suitable for all audiences

Content for children: Yes (from 2 to 12 years)

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  • Ana Isabel

    2017-07-05 19:32:00

    Muy bonito, me ha gustado mucho, una historia muy tierna, tendríamos que aprender de los protagonistas.