Lino Escalera

14' | 2017 | Spain

O.V. Spanish · Subt English

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Carla is alone in her office. She gets a call, it's Raúl, a young guy who passes her cocaine. They've known each other for some years, but they've never exchanged more than two consecutive sentences. Tonight will be the last night that Raúl works as a dealer. He wants to change his life. He's going to Australia, to work as a gardener.


Nathalie Poza, Ferrán Villajosana

Technical info

Original title: Australia

Director: Lino Escalera

Duration: 14'

Year of production: 2017

Category: Short Film

Distributor: Madrid en corto

Nationality: Spain

Production: Lolita Films, White Leaf producciones

Language of dialogues: Spanish

Subtitle language: English

Movie Rating: Not recommended for children under the age of sixteen


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